“The Carton” ownership grants exclusive access to the world of Lyrical Lemonade.

500 Unique Cartons. Endless Possibility.

About The Project

Since 2013 we have grown Lyrical Lemonade side-by-side with our family, friends, and supporters. The past 9 years have been filled with new ideas, lessons, lemonade, and lighter flicks.

“The Carton” is an NFT collection signifying our past, present, and future. We believe in blockchain technology and its capability to disrupt the status quo across the board. Established independent companies have a unique opportunity to eliminate the intermediaries that siphon value from the relationship between companies and their communities. Holders of “The Carton” are the ground floor participants in Lyrical Lemonade’s Web 3 mission. 

Carton Utility

Carton ownership grants exclusive access to the world of Lyrical Lemonade including:

Whitelist spots for every future L3MON release

Access to our annual Summer Smash music festival for 3 years

Access to exclusive Lyrical Lemonade merchandise drops

Private Discord access

Blockchain Info

“The Carton” is a collection of 500 Lyrical Lemonade Carton NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each carton is unique and handcrafted. We did not create a rarity scale for “The Carton”.

Cartons are stored as ERC-721A tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

Fair launch/distribution: All cartons minted at 0.5 ETH.

To access holder-only experiences, holders will need to sign in with their crypto wallets.

Additional Info

I was able to successfully mint a Carton, does that mean I own the rights to the design?

No. Our NFTs do not transfer any rights of intellectual property licensing to holders.

What do I own with my Carton?

You are the owner of an image and the utility access that it provides. Utility privileges will only grow with time for holders of “The Carton”. Cartons are not an investment; they are a digital collectible that provides access to holder-only benefits.

Summer Smash Info

Carton ownership entails festival tickets to the Summer Smash for the next 3 years. Tickets are strictly for festival attendance and holders are responsible for organizing their own travel & lodging at their own expense. More details on the Summer Smash festival are available at: (www.thesummersmash.com)

This project is exciting. How can I get more involved?

We encourage anybody interested in learning more to join our Discord and check out our collection on Opensea.